Originally from Sacramento, I attended UC Santa Cruz from 1998 - 2002, where I learned to paint, and from 2004 - 2006 I was artist-in-residence at Cornell's Risley College. I currently live in Los Angeles for some reason.

In 2013, Chronicle Books released a collection of my work, The Astonishing World of Art:

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Hate Mail #1

Hate Mail #2

Hate Mail #3

vs. The Military

My Year(s) in Ithaca

Webby Award

Coloring Book on Late Night with Conan O'Brien

Teacher Notes from Parent Conference, Sixth Grade

Work of Short Fiction, Age 4 (Transcribed by Sister)

Autographed Photo of Warwick Davis

The Night I Saved Congress

First Trip to New York

"You are magic!"

Best E-mail Ever

Articles and Interviews:

     CNET, 5/14

     Bullseye, 9/13

     Huffington Post, 12/11

     "Bagged & Boarded" podcast, 2/11

     Adult Swim interview, 9/10

     Broken Pencil, 7/10

     Newsweek Gallery & Interview, 6/10

     CNN appearance, 5/10

     Jordan Jesse Go guest spot, 2/10

     G4 clip: "Crazy 4 Cult 2," 8/08

     G4 clip: "Under the Influence: Stan Lee," 1/08

     G4 clip: "Crazy 4 Cult," 6/07

     2007 Esquire interview

     2007 "The Sound of Young America" interview

     2006 IGN interview

     2004 "The Sound of Young America" interview

     2003 retroCRUSH interview

     2003 Metro Santa Cruz write-up

Works Inspired:

     Asian Knock-offs

     Why Kids Love Green Arrow

     Abe-Kido tattooed on a guy

     Portrait as Blind Justice

     The Brandon Bird Concerto (mvt. III)

     Brave Cone Dog: The Song