Morin, Benjamin
date         May 21, 2006 7:44 PM
subject         Hello from Antarctica ...


My name is Ben Morin and I'm a janitor at McMurdo Station, Antarctica. I just wanted to write and let you know you have many fans down here.

Your work, "The Anguish," is a particular favorite. A black and white print out (because we're not allowed to use the color printers too often) of it was put in the recreation office window.

We're headed for the dead of winter right now. The last plane left in February. The next plane isn't until August. We've run out of avocados. The AFRTS feed has gone out and there is no television.

Oh yeah. We have a hot tub shack that gets pulled out of storage every winter and set outside the firehouse. There's a big white wall and we were looking for ideas of what to paint on it. Could you perhaps find it in your heart to offer just one suggestion?

Keep up the great work on your website.

Thanks again,

Ben Morin