Prints from The JP Show are here! Here's info about site shipping policies and here are other things you can buy from my store.

And there is original work form the show still available, just see the contact info under each piece, or feel free to contact an artist directly.

          Ian Malcolm: From Chaos by John Larriva
          11" 14" signed archival print (image area 12" x 9")
          Limited edition of 100


          Nagelsattler by Tyler Jacobs
          18" x 24" unsigned print

          The Obstinate Men by Brandon Bird
          16" x 20" signed print
          Limited edition of 30

          Jurassic Park Park by Dyna Moe
          11" x 14" unsigned print

          Man's Adventure
          by Christopher Hastings
          19" x 13" unsigned print

          Hold On To Your Butts
          by Box Brown
          8" x 8" print
          Limited edition of 10