The The JP Show (Just People) ran December 3rd & 4th, 2011 at Nucleus in Los Angeles. Co-curated by Julia Vickerman and myself, it was an exhibit dedicated to what people love & remember most about the Jurassic Park film series: the human characters.

Most of the work can now be enjoyed by clicking on the thumbnails below and to the right, and a selection of prints are available here. Scenes from the opening can be found in this handsome gallery, courtesy Megan Baker.

Any questions or purchase inquiries can be directed to

          I Hate This Hacker Crap
                  by Paul Clay

                  by Jeff Ramirez

                  by Russell Walks

          Man's Adventure
                  by Chris Hastings

          The Gang
                  by Nate Stapley

          Dodgson's Here
                  by Ming Doyle

                  by Alexa Rose

          Sunny Day Smiles
                  by Kelsy Abbott

          Six Foot Turkey
                  by Julia Vickerman

          Hold On To Your Butts
                  by Box Brown

          Ian Malcolm: From Chaos
                  by John Larriva

          Beetle Suite
                  by Erin Pearce

          Jurassic Jeff
                  by Lisa Hanawalt

          His Jurassic Past
                  by Robyn Von Swank

          Dr. Grant Fastened his Seatbelt
                  by Kate Ward

                  by Tyler Jacobs

          The Obstinate Men
                  by Brandon Bird

          Two Scamps and a Gadabout
                  by Jamie O'Keefe

          Jurassic Park Park
                  by Dyna Moe

          The Doctor / The Hunter / The Schemer
                  by Carly Monardo

          PARKKRAP (Lex)
                  by John Olsen

                  by Julia Prescott

          Hold On To Your Butts
                  by Kelsy Abbott

          Definitely Tim
                  by Kelsy Abbott