Seduction of stepson.
Little girl is a victim.
A sadist tortures a senile old woman.
Girl's body is found on a bus.
Rape/murders launch a manhunt.
A woman falls to her death.
A killer has a foot fetish.
Young murder suspects.
A homeless man is a suspect.
Rapist attacks a patient.
Victim steps off a subway platform.
Subway commuter is mutilated.
A child is poisoned.
A woman commits suicide.
A pediatrician is murdered.
A cocktail waitress is murdered.
A Bronx DA lies strangled.
A psychiatrist is found murdered.
A man handles his own defense.
A killer spouts religious rhetoric.
Club-goers accused of murder.
Criminology leads to murder.
Sexual re-education poster boy is slain.
Expectant mother.
Boy is abducted.
Ball players are murdered.
Death of a bully.
Detective Benson's brother.
Political martyr.
Little black book.
A money manager is found murdered.
A missing teenager returns.
An engineer's life goes horribly wrong.
A video-game player goes missing.
A gymnast is found dead.
A 15 year-old with an STD.
A polygamist's wife is murdered.
A well-known atheist is murdered.
A toy collector is accidentally shot.
A vagabond father is suspected.
A man is murdered with a saw.
A car accident leads detectives to foster parents.
A respected judge is killed in a duel.
Fontana and Falco in the colorful world of horse racing.
Canonization of a saint leads to murder.
Boy scavenges for food in the garbage.
Fin investigates a rape.
DNA tests reveal evidence of incest.
Man accuses wife of endangerment.
The detectives look for a racist.
Tracking an organized thief.
The death of a photographer.
Basketball player disappears.
An autopsy reveals foul play.
Olympic site selection committee.
A criminal blows up his accomplice.
Pharmaceuticals corporations.
Woman believes she is clairvoyant.
Radiation kills a tormented scientist.
Murderous nemesis confronted.
Homeless men are murdered.
A shy man is suspected of murder.
A restaurant critic is murdered.
A corrections officer is murdered.
A musician is murdered.
An actor is wounded, his fiancee killed.
A band of teens attacks a piano student.
Two teens disappear from a museum.
Prescription medications.
Benson combats terrorist activities.
Goren takes on a chess master.
Jack must make an unpopular decision.
Complicated murder case.
Prostitute slayings point to officer.
Briscoe and Green search for lost customer.
Missing boy is found.
A local police captain questions Benson.
A copycat of a serial killer.
A sperm bank is robbed of embryos.
Benson may be stalked by a rapist.
The detectives search for a rapist.
A pedophile uses the internet.
Stabler stalks a child pornographer.
Woman cannot identify her attacker.
Colleagues accuse Fin's son of murder.
A young hipster is stabbed.
Aging revolutionary.
A car bomb kills three boys.
An egocentric poet's journal.
A TV host by the East River.
A high-profile hip-hop producer.
A poker genius must pay off a debt.
A high-profile murder case.
Detectives investigate claims of voodoo.
Detectives investigate a family.
Detectives find a secret society obsessed with death.
Affair ends in murder.
An ear surgeon's murder.
Commissioner's daughter goes missing.
Dentist's murder.
A woman kills her attacker.
A prostitution ring.
The case against a rapist.
A teacher's death may link to volunteer work.
Questioning a convicted serial killer.
Munch is forced to ask his ex for help.
Stabler goes undercover.
A suspect attacks Fin.
A child molester possesses anthrax.
Benson and Stabler unearth black-marketing of infants.
Ritualistic murders links to Benson.
A teenager becomes a vigilante.
When a runaway teenage girl is beaten.
A high school student from Montreal vanishes.
A student dies at a party.
A lawyer is secretly a stripper.
A man is found beaten in a parking lot.
A girl's death appears to link to ultimate fighting.
Narcotics-related rape/murder.
Witness protection.
Good Samaritan.
Ross tricks her ex-husband.
McCoy butts heads with a judge in Los Angeles.
McCoy attempts to convict two bounty hunters.
McCoy prosecutes an ex-nun.
A man fires a gun into a crowd.
Artist's death uncovers more murders.
Human flesh search engine.
Speed dating.
A suspicious nasal spray.
Horse veterinarian is murdered.
Dismembered cabdriver.
The murder of a nanny.
A powerful couple are found murdered.
Terrorists threaten victim's fiancee.
Fraternity closes ranks during a probe.
Pedophile takes a detective hostage.
Detective Lake is wounded in a gunfight.
Detectives discover a kidnapped girl.
A woman with multiple personalities.
Falling prostitutes.
A gang of tony predators.
Phony paternity claims.
Architect is killed with a screwdriver.
Man killed while stealing evidence.
Missing bookkeeper.
Feuding within the Mafia.
A doctor is suspected of theft.
A crooked cop testifies against Briscoe.
Briscoe and Green uncover a campus prostitution ring.
Briscoe, Curtis, McCoy and Kincaid witness an inmate's execution.
Briscoe and Curtis unearth more-personal motives.
The detectives suspect a young English au pair.
The wife of a once-popular singer (Gary Busey) is found dead.
A rock singer's body is found in a garbage can.
Paul Robinette defends a crack-addicted mother.
Race becomes an issue.
Stone's fervor to defeat an old adversary.
Sugar daddy suspected in murder.
A young woman escapes a polygamist cult.
A vigilante priest kills a drug dealer.
Detectives search for a lethal virus.
A campaign volunteer is murdered.
Violent armed robbery.
Gambling operation.
Dead rock singer.
Psychic vision.
Dead girl found in ER lobby.
Woman on life support.
Mysterious homicides.
A murderer is on video.
Detectives suspect a gifted writer.
A makeup mogul is embroiled in scandal.
Police pull over a drunken celebrity.
A comic's baby is dropped from a window.
A rich man and his very young daughter are shot.
Quadriplegic boy is killed.
Shooter hits reputable doctor.
School shooting ends in deaths.
Slumlord causes infant's death.
A high-class couple disappears.
A woman is found unconscious.
Hit man guns down husband.
A ballplayer's chauffeur is killed.
Ring identifies victim.
River yields old corpse.
A teen is hit and killed by a vehicle.
Adoptee's death unleashes secrets.
Asian girl's smoldering corpse.
An attorney maintains murders are the result of too much television.