In early 2003 I was watching three or more hours of Law & Order each night. This was the result. The original show took place in Santa Cruz, California at the end of May 2003. Over thirty artists from throughout the country participated.

Since then, other pieces have been added, such as the SVU Valentines. In 2004, the Law & Order Coloring Book was presented to Jerry Orbach during Late Night with Conan O'Brien. In 2010, I mounted a sequel/companion piece to Artistic Intent, These Are Their Stories.

Clearly, "Law & Order" art is the movement of the future!

An Adventure to Color

Special Valentine Unit

Crimefighters (Credits March)

The Code

Pixel Portraits

Pax Cybertronia

McCoy and Southerlyn

Benson and Stabler

Mother and Son

Order Seeps Inward

A Tough Day at the Office


Vulture Man

Standard Procedure

Love Will Tear Us Apart

Lennie Grabs a Dog

Anamorphic Orbach

Spring to Summer

A Night Away

The Three Faces of Jack McCoy

Lennie Briscoe and the Immaterial Witness

Justice Commemorated

Character Sketches

Tattoo Designs

Dianne Wiest