Each piece in X-Mans is inspired by a page in an X-Men coloring book. The original illustrations, credited to the enigmatic Ronald & Donald Williams, have fascinated me ever since I found the book in a Watsonville dollar store ten years ago. In the spirit of coloring books, I have asked my artist friends and colleagues to present their interpretations of this very unique work. X-Mans ran in the upper gallery of Nucleus May 17 - 20, 2014.

Any questions or purchase inquiries can be directed at brandonbird@gmail.com. Select prints from the show are available here.

          Magneto Hates Birthdays
          by Erin Pearce

          Belted Hunk with Garbage
          by Tony Christopherson

          Grey's Anatomy
          by Amy Dixon

          Portrait of the Gambler Remy LeBeau
          by Jamie O'Keefe

          Just Enjoying my Coffee
          by Nick James

          N.K.H. Blob (New Kind of Hero)
          by John Olsen

          Magneto on Coffee
          by Christopher Hastings

          Xavier's Institute for Higher Learning
          by Ellen Schinderman

          Magneto Done Got Screwed
          by Dave Kloc

          The Illusion of Self
          by Robert Syrett

Magic Man, Magic Land
by John Larriva

Visor Man Encircled by the Sun
by Joel Fox

But it's Hot Outside
by Kelsy Abbott

The Immovable Object
by Jeff Ramirez

by Dyna Moe

Rabbit Hunter
by Julia Vickerman

Autumn Summers
by Brandon Bird

Remy LeWindeau
by Melissa Judson

The Iceman Does Not Belong in the Kitchen
by Ping-Shun Chan

Brotherhood Team Building
by Mike Segawa

All the Single Ladies
by Sina Grace

by Nate Carle

by Russell Walks

Building Communities
by Lacy McCune